Summer Blog Tour - Quilted Living

Welcome to Day 5 of the Quilted Living Summer Blog Tour brought to you by the Fat Quarter Shop!

Have you been following along and checking out how the other bloggers have made one of their favorite designs from my book, Quilted Living, their own?

Here's a quick highlight of the week so far:

Jennifer from kicked us off with a bang by creating not 1 but 2 FREEDOM quilts.  Check out her blog post to see who the lucky recipients are!

Chelsea from zeroed in on X-ceptional and truly made it a stand out.  Read about the assortment of fabrics she used to create her own quilt.

I LOVE the reason why Melissa chose Streamers for her design.  She writes about it in her blog   

That brings us to Day 5:

Planted Seed Designs - that's me!

Since I designed and made all the quilts in the Quilted Living book, I wanted to shake things up a bit and play around with different fabrics and fabric placement to see how such a simple adjustment can change the looks of the design. 

Basketweave, as it appears in the Quilted Living book, on a white background with fun, clean, clear bright prints for the blocks.

I took a very different approach and switched it up a bit by making each background block a different neutral print with a textured cream print for the blocks (fabric - the Steel Collection available NOW at the

Isn't it amazing what a simple change in focus can do to a design?  Do you love the original or the alternate better?  I'd love to hear your comments.

X-ceptional in its original colors and layout (above).

X-ceptional tweaked and dressed up a bit!

Just like Basketweave, I reversed the focus of the background and block prints, REMOVED the sashing strips and sashing stones and added a mitered outer border (fabric - Classic Elegance COMING SOON (Sept/Oct) to the

I love how a second and third design element emerges simply by removing the sashing strips and sashing stones; can you see them?

Well, what do you think?  I'd love to hear your comments on this one as well.

The tour isn't done just yet, please stop by:

Paula of The Sassy Quilter
Jane of Quilt Jane

to see what they've done with their favorite design from the Quilted Living book!=

WAIT!! The most important stop is at the Fat Quarter Shop to register to win an amazing prize.  I hear 2 lucky winners will be rewarded!

Make sure you read carefully what and where you need to go to enter to win!

Good Luck!


"Making it Your Own"

I know you hear and read other fabric and pattern designers say the greatest joy they experience is when a quilter uses their fabric and/or pattern in a different way in which it was created.

I had a front row seat last week to see first hand the interpretation of 7 fellow quilters (some fabric and pattern designers themselves) make some of the designs in Quilted Living their own.

If you were unable to follow along last week, no worries, here's a quick recap:

Erica made "Bursting Star" her own with bright, cheerful, colorful prints and stuffed it with cotton poly batting to give it a more cushiony soft texture (see above).

Helen skipped right over the fabric covered cording and with careful fabric placement turned the center star into an "X".  "X" marks the spot for a great place to plop down and read a good book (see above)!

And here's the original "Bursting Star" pillow.  See how the simple changes in fabric, color and prints changes the look, feel and function?  Are you tempted to give it a try?

Gail chose a more muted palette of colors and prints for "Basketweave" and made the quilt a wee bit smaller than the original so it would work well with her home's décor (see above).

Kathy chose the same design as well, "Basketweave", but you can't tell can you?  That's what I call really making it your own (see above)!!!

The original "Basketweave".  I know, you're finding yourself looking back at Kathy's to make sure its the same design.  It truly is - its Kathy's interpretation of a very simple block rotated this way and that way until its just right for her!

Lisa gave the "Liberty Table Runner" a nice update.  Love the simplicity of the design!  She learned a new way to make stars too (see above)!

Thearica wanted to showcase a favorite print and made the necessary modifications to the "Liberty Table Runner".  I LOVE how both Lisa and Thearica made the Liberty table runner work for them and their homes; that's what it really is all about (see above)!

Yep, that's the original "Liberty Table Runner" right there above . . .  You're looking back at Lisa's and Thearica's version aren't you?  They did a great job didn't they?

Look what Linda did!!  She made "X-ceptional" into a table runner!!  Love the colors, love the idea!  Great job Linda!

The original "X-ceptional" as a quilt!  You know what other quilt design would make a wonderful table runner . . . . .

"Tumble"!  It's easy to already see it (see above)!

Ladies, thank you again for saying yes to our little adventure.  I truly appreciate the time you carved out of your already busy schedules to make this happen; it means a lot to me!

Want to get a jump start on making the projects in Quilted Living?  I have a limited supply ofSummer Cottage prints . . . . .

and a lot of AUTOGRAPHED copies of Quilted Living books!

If you're in the process of making any of the designs in Quilted Living, please send me a picture; I would LOVE to share it with the rest of my fellow quilting friends.


"Quilted Living" Blog Tour Wrap Up

What an exciting week to see other quilters' interpretation on some of the projects found in my new book, "Quilted Living" published by It's Sew Emma.

I LOVE to see how others use my pattern designs and truly make them their own.  Thank you ladies for saying yes to this little adventure and taking us inside your homes; it truly was a nice treat!

As promised, here's the inspiration behind Summer Cottage and Quilted Living.  I believe pictures can express the true feeling and emotion better than written words; enjoy the show!

A clean, fresh summery palette of sunshine yellows, sky blues, cherry tomato reds, grass greens and ocean blues! 

The fruits and tastes of summer captured in the blues, yellows, greens with a simple pop of red.

The celebration of one of our summer patriotic holidays!  The tried, the true, the red, white and blue!

The exceptional burst of summer's colors!

The freedom to enjoy it all!

Let's go fly a kite!

Stars and Stripes Forever!

Pack your picnic basket and meet me at the park or the beach!

Enjoy the explosion of fireworks overhead!

Feeling inspired?  A limited supply of Summer Cottage fabric is available HERE and lots of AUTOGRAPHED Quilted Living books are available HERE!

All Quilted Living books purchased through Friday, 11/21/14 will receive a COMPLIMENTARYQuilted Living bookmark!

Thank you for stopping by and visiting the other blogs too; I sure hope you enjoyed the time you shared with us!  We definitely did!


"Quilted Living" Blog Tour

In celebration of my new book "Quilted Living" with It's Sew Emma, the publishing division of Fat Quarter Shop, we're kicking off a blog tour with these wonderfully talented ladies!

Stop by each of their blogs and see what project they chose and the fabrics they used to make it their own:

November 11th

Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings

Linda Hrcka of The Quilted Pineapple

November 12th

Gail Pan of Gail Pan Designs

Erica Jackman of Kitchen Table Quilting

November 13th

Kathy Brown of The Teacher's Pet

Thearica Burroughs of Pigtales & Quilts

November 14th

Helen Stubbings of Hugs N Kisses

Gerri Robinson of Planted Seed Designs to wrap up the tour!

Oh, I can't wait to see their interpretation of each of the projects.  Here's a quick glimpse of all the designs created from my new and upcoming fabric collection, Summer Cottage:

I'll be back on Friday to share my inspiration for "Summer Cottage" and Quilted Living

Like what you see so far?  I have a very limited supply of "Summer Cottage" in stock and ready to ship now along with LOTS of Quilted Living books!

With each "Quilted Living" book order placed NOW through Friday, November 21st will receive a COMPLIMENTARY Quilted Living Quilt Dot bookmark!

Enjoy the tour . . . I'll be back on Friday, November 14th!


"Red, White and Hearts, Oh My!"

"Gift From the Heart" made the cover of the November/December 2014 McCall's Quilting Magazine!  Thank you for all who voted on Facebook; looks like the votes added up!

We're offering kits for "Gift From the Heart" on our website here:

Kit includes the exact fabrics used in the original design for the quilt top and binding. 

We're also offering a coordinating print for the quilt's back, if you're interested.


Did you see "String of Hearts" in the October/November 2014 McCall's Quick Quilts Magazine?

There it is (above) and here's the kit information for this beauty here:


"Chain of Hearts Red" (above)

"Chain of Hearts Green" (above)

But wait, there's more red, white and hearts to tempt you with.  Check out "Chain of Hearts Red" and "Chain of Hearts Green".  Both are available as kits too, right here:

Can't wait to see which red, white and heart kit you buy!  Hope to see you shopping with us soon!


"Quilted Living"

I am thrilled and excited to share some pretty fun news with you today.  I have partnered with the dynamic marketing team at It's Sew Emma to bring you an assortment of 10 fresh, fun, new designs in my new book "Quilted Living"!

The designs in "Quilted Living" were inspired by my new fabric collection "Summer Cottage" for Red Rooster Fabrics; which will debut this October at Quilt Market and ship into the marketplace January/February 2015!

I captured the essence of summer, in Summer Cottage, with sunshine yellows, sky blues, grass greens, strawberry reds and blueberry blues with no-fuss prints.  The quilt designs are just as casual and relaxed too allowing you to get a quilt or two finished in no time.

Reading left to right above:

Basketweave (FQ Friendly), Streamers (FQ Friendly), X-ceptional, Tumble AND KIMBERLY JOLLY! 

Reading left (or downstream) to right (or upstream):

Liberty, Freedom and Stars & Stripes. 

Summer cannot be celebrated without giving honor and recognition to all the men and women who sacrifice their life for our liberty and freedom.  Thank you for your bravery and courage so we can be free!

"Quilted Living" isn't just about quilts, we designed a couple table runners and pillow cushions too . . .

Liberty and Freedom Table Runners (above)

Liberty Table Runner (above)

"Bursting Star" Boxed Pillow Cushion (26" Square)!

That's just a little peek of what you can expect to see and experience in "Quilted Living".  Want to see more pictures?  Head on over to the Fat Quarter Shop Blog and see what they have to say.

Do you like what you see?  If so, head on over to the Fat Quarter Shop and RESERVE yourself a copy TODAY!

Fat Quarter Shop is offering a 20% DISCOUNT on ALL RESERVED books NOW!  Can you imagine getting 10 quilt patterns for $11.26 plus shipping ($4.95 shipping to US AND Canada and $5.95 for international shipping)!  That's right!

Head on over . . . . and RESERVE your book now!  I'll be waiting for you here when you get back.


"When I'm 89 . . . . "

. . . . I hope to still be doing what I am doing today because of the inspiration I received today from Annabel Christensen.  Here's her story . . .

Annabel Christensen, an active quilter from Martin, SD, was inspired by the Pinwheel Panache quilt we designed for McCall's Quilting Magazine that was featured in their September/October 2013 issue.

Annabel made a slight variation to the pattern to create a queen size quilt for her niece, Mary Adams of Wayne, NE.

The quilt was finished in February 2014 when Annabel was 89 years young.  She hopes that her age can be inspiring to other people to see that they can still create beautiful things no matter how old they may be!

I'm truly inspired!  Thank you Annabel for sharing your beautiful Pinwheel Panache quilt and story with us.


2014 Spring Market - Pittsburgh

We're back from Spring Market.  Here are a few pictures of our booth.  Enjoy!

We scored a corner booth without even requesting one.  Turned out to be a great location!

I learned right before I left for Market that "Rugby Stars" from my book "A Cut Above" made the cover of Martingale's 2015 calendar; she's July!

"With All My Heart" Quilt Dots were a HUGE hit.  The scalloped plates held the Quilt Dots made from all the quilts I designed and the heart tray held the Quilt Dots made from "With All My Heart" fabric prints. 

Sitting pretty in the Red Rooster Fabrics booth are the (2) FREE pattern quilts, "Chain of Hearts" RED and "Chain of Hearts" RED and GREEN along with Girly Gym Bag by Penny Sturges of Quilts Illustrated (

Quick reminder, "With All My Heart" fabric will be available on my website August 2014 along with kits for both "Chain of Hearts"!  Enjoy!


"With All My Heart"

We're in our final countdown to Spring Market in Pittsburgh and I could not be more excited with the quilts we designed with my new fabric collection "With All My Heart".

"With All My Heart" is a 23 piece collection of gorgeous roses and florals in red, cream, green, tan and hints of pink.  "With All My Heart" will be available on my website in August!

And here come the parade of quilts we designed:

"Chain of Hearts" Red and "Chain of Hearts" Red and Green (shown above) are the FREE patterns we designed for Red Rooster Fabrics. 

The FREE patterns will be available in August 2014 here on my website and YES, I will be kitting BOTH designs.

"Chain of Hearts" RED measures 72" x 72".

"Chain of Hearts" RED and GREEN measures 58" x 58".

"String of Hearts" (shown above) will be patterned and featured in the October/November 2014 issue of McCall's Quick Quilts Magazine; on newsstands in August 2014.

Planted Seed Designs will be the published kit source so yes, we will be offering "String of Hearts" as a kit on our website.

"String of Hearts" measures 64" x 76".

"Crossed Paths" (shown above) will be patterned and featured in the November/December 2014 issue of McCall's Quilting Magazine on newsstands September, 2014. 

Planted Seed Designs will be the published kit source so look for the kit on our website.

"Crossed Paths" measures 74" x 74".

"Crossroads" (shown above) will be patterned and featured in the October/November 2014 issue of Quilters Newsletter Magazine on newsstands September 2014.

Again, Planted Seed Designs will be the published kit source so you can purchase a kit here on our website.

"Crossroads" measures 78" x 78".

"Ring Around the Pinwheels" (shown above) will be patterned and featured in The Quilter Magazine Holiday Issue on newsstands October 2014.

Planted Seed Designs will be the published kit source and we'll have the kits available on our website.

"Ring Around the Pinwheels" measures 52" x 52".

"Stacked Hearts" (shown above) will be patterned and featured in The Quilter Magazine December 2014 issue on newsstands November 2014.

Yes, you guessed it.  Planted Seed Designs will be offering a kit for this design too.  Stay tuned!

"Stacked Hearts" RED and GREEN measures 66" x 74".

"Poinsettia Stars" (shown above) will be patterned and featured in Fons and Porter Love of Quilting Magazine January/February 2015 issue on newsstands February 2015.

"Poinsettia Stars" measures 68" x 68".

Bringing up the end of the parade is:

"Buttoned Up Boxed Cushions".  Yep, I took a page out of my own book "A Cut Above" and recreated the Buttoned Up Boxed Cushions in "With All My Heart"; aren't they sweet and a great compliment to any and all the quilts shown above.

There you have it . . . all the quilts and cushions designed "With All My Heart" but please check out my PREVIOUS two blog posts:

"Gorgeous Recycling" AND

"Bags, Runners and Dots Oh My! 

MORE items designed and created "With All My Heart" fabrics.

Please let me know what you think and what your favorite design is! 

Want to see everything in ONE spot, check out my home page slideshow (  Enjoy!


"Gorgeous Recycling!"

How do you recycle?

I recycle by taking some of my top selling designs and "recreate" them in my new fabric collection "With All My Heart".  Check them out to see what I mean:

"Blooming Stars II" (shown above).

"Cottage Trellis" (shown above).

"Garden Strings" (shown above).

"Petals" (shown above).

"Tumbling Spools" (shown above).

Do you like?  If so, I'll be kitting each and every one of them come August 2014 when "With All My Heart" ships.  Stay tuned to my website, blog and Facebook.  I'll be announcing their arrival before you know it!


"Bags, Runners and Dots Oh My!"

Spring Market 2014 in Pittsburgh is just hours away.  I wanted to share with you in advance the "specialty items" my friends designed and sister created with my new fabric collection "With All My Heart".  Enjoy!

My friend, Penny Sturges of Quilts Illustrated ( designed and made these bags for our booth (see above).  Aren't they divine?

We've paired them up because no girl can go out with just one bag on her shoulder when the bags are this beautiful (see above).

The Girly Gym Bag and Seaside Traveler was embellished with Penny's Pleated Posey (see below).  It adds just the right touch!

When my sister saw the "With All My Heart" Rose Floral Stripe she immediately asked if she could make up several Easy Stripe Table Runners.  Who can say no to that!  Check them out below:

SAME stripe fabric just shifted the focus on the cutting to achieve two very DIFFERENT looks. 

The pattern, "Easy Stripe Table Runner (TQC-272)" was designed by Karen Montgomery.  Great design Karen!

And no fabric collection is complete without custom Quilt Dots! (see below):

Kim, the creative genius behind Zappy Dots ( pulled together an assortment of "With All My Heart" quilt dots.  Aren't they cute?  "With All My Heart" quilt dots will be available in August 2014 on the Zappy Dots website ( 

So, what do you think?


Fabrics Used in "A Cut Above"

Thank you for your overwhelming response to my first book "A Cut Above" with Martingale/That Patchwork Place.

I've received numerous inquiries in regard to the fabric collections used throughout the book.  Captured below by chapter, are the fabric collections for each project:

Chapter I (shown above)

1.  "Metropolitan Fair" by Barbara Brackman for Moda

2.  "Wild Rose" by Blackbird Designs for Moda

3.  "Luna Nott" by 3 Sisters for Moda

4.  "Marmalade" by Bonnie & Camille for Moda


Chapter II (shown above)

1.  "Tavern Collection Blues" by Paula Barnes for Marcus Fabrics

2.  "Friendship" by Brannock & Patek for Moda

3.  "Friendship" by Brannock & Patek for Moda

4.  "Gypsy Girl" by Lily Ashbury for Moda


Chapter III (shown above)

1 - 4.  Birds & Berries by Lauren & Jessi Jung


Chapter IV (shown above)

1 - 2:  "Cuzco" by Kate Spain for Moda


Chapter V (shown above)

1 - 3.  "Rouenneries Deux" by French General for Moda

     4.  "Seasonal Little Gatherings" by Primitive Gatherings for Moda 

 Keep the questions coming; I LOVE to hear your feedback and what you think about the book and the projects!  Autographed copies of A Cut Above are still available here!

Stay Inspired!

"Behind the Scenes and a Huge Giveaway!"

As promised, today is our dual blog post with Stitch This! taking you behind the scenes on "A Cut Above" so make sure you stop by their site too!

"A Cut Above" is my first published book with Martingale/That Patchwork Place.

I have self published several of my own quilting books and numerous quilt patterns so I felt I knew or at least had an solid understanding of what was involved . . . . . .

After Martingale approved my book concept but PRIOR to accepting me as one of their authors, I had to provide them an actual sample of one of my designs that would be found in the book along with my interpretation of their pattern writing submissions.

Moonlight was the design I submitted to Martingale with the hopes of them saying yes!

And we now know what they said . . . .

Did all my original submitted designs make the cut?  Not all but most did with a few extra surprises "tossed in" . . . . .

So away I went to create the (14) required projects for an 80 page book.  Create I did . . . . . all 14 consecutively because I thought it "smart" to get all the quilts sewn first and shipped to Rebecca, my long arm machine artist so she could start performing her magic.

This decision, based on VERY LIMITED PUBLISHING KNOWLEDGE, proved NOT to be the best approach to such a large project.  WARNING!!!  I do NOT recommend this approach to anyone! 

My recommendation . . . sew a quilt, write the pattern.  Sew a quilt, write the pattern.  Sew a quilt, write the pattern etc.

It still pains me to tell you what happened next . . . . .

I began writing my manuscript.  Oh wait, did you know that every printed word in a Martingale/That Patchwork Place book comes from the author?  Yep, there are no "boiler plate" sections that get dropped in or authors have access to.  Every printed word on every printed page comes from the author.

Why bring this up, right?  Remember the pain I mentioned above?  24 hours prior to my digital manuscript being due, I. LOST. THE. ENTIRE. FILE!!!!  Do you know you don't cry when you're in shock? 

What did I do next EVERYTHING!  You name it, I did it and eventually the tears flowed when reality set in.  I had to start all over from scratch as if the file never existed.  Feeling the pain - that's called a lesson learned.

Want to learn about something fun and exciting that's NOT painful?!!  How about our giveaway!  Yep, we too are giving away a vast assortment of MODA precuts ranging in size from 2-1/2" squares all the way up to a FQ bundle PLUS an autographed book of "A Cut Above". 

Leave a comment below and be sure to include your email address so we can get a hold of you.  For added fun to double your chances . . .

like "Planted Seed Designs" on Facebook!

Giveaway open through 10.29.13.  Winners announced on 10.30.13!  Good Luck!!!

Can't wait for the giveaway to see if you're the lucky winner of the book, "A Cut Above"?  We're selling autographed books now, right here!

"A Cut Above" is in the House!

It's true!  "A Cut Above" arrived early evening yesterday from UPS

and we're already packing up our first shipment to go out the door!  Thank you so much for your quick response in purchasing "A Cut Above".  I ordered in a lot so no one will miss out.  You can place your order here and receive your autographed copy in no time!

Just a quick recap of the projects you'll find throughout the 80 pages of inspiration. 


Chapter I

1.  Trail of Stars

2.  Autumn's Harvest

3.  Wild Rose Mini Sampler

4.  Gelato


Chapter II

1.  Galaxy

2.  Friendship

3.  Do-Si-Do

4.  Dancing among the Stars


Chapter III

1.  Buttoned Up

2.  Carefree

3.  Buttoned Up Pillow

4.  Buttoned Up Boxed Cushion


Chapter IV

1.  Summer Time

2.  Digital Trip around the World


Chapter V

1.  Rugby Stars

2.  Board Game

3.  Board Game Pillow

4.  Moonlight

We're just getting started too.  Stay tune for a dual post next Tuesday, October 22nd where Martingale and Planted Seed Designs will share a few "behind the scene" stories in the making of "A Cut Above". 

Oh, and as an added bonus, there will be an AMAZING giveaway!  I know, right!!!

"A Cut Above" . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Fat Quarters

Chapter 4 of "A Cut Above" highlights one of my favorite pre-cuts, fat quarters.  A fat quarter (9" x 22") piece of fabric proved to create some pretty amazing quilts starting with Rugby Stars.

"Rugby Stars" (shown above) was intentionally designed in a horizontal fashion paying tribute to the classic rugby stripe of the '70's.  The horizontal orientation looks great when the quilt is draped over the back of a couch and paired with the box style cushion/pillows (shown below).

Would you believe me if I told you the above pillows along with the wall hanging (shown below) were all created from the same fat quarter stack "Rugby Stars" was created from?

True story.  All the above projects came from (1) fat quarter bundle.  We show you how on pages 62 through 72 of "A Cut Above".  Not interested in making all of the projects?  Don't worry, we also provide fabric and cutting requirements to make the projects individually and separate from each other.  I know.  Pretty nice, right?

Oh wait, there's more to this chapter; check out "Moonlight" (shown below).

Want to see more of the design?  I sure do . . . .

"Moonlight" is a 78-1/2" square quilt with twinkling stars dancing across a log cabin style background.

What do you think?  Do you think we saved the best for last?  Do you think we picked the right projects to make the cover?

I would love to hear what you think on the above questions; please leave me a comment.

This wraps up all the projects in "A Cut Above".  We are officially one week away from the book's official release on 10/8/13. 

Have you "reserved" your own personal copy of "A Cut Above"?  If not, we're still accepting reservations HERE