"When I'm 89 . . . . "

. . . . I hope to still be doing what I am doing today because of the inspiration I received today from Annabel Christensen.  Here's her story . . .

Annabel Christensen, an active quilter from Martin, SD, was inspired by the Pinwheel Panache quilt we designed for McCall's Quilting Magazine that was featured in their September/October 2013 issue.

Annabel made a slight variation to the pattern to create a queen size quilt for her niece, Mary Adams of Wayne, NE.

The quilt was finished in February 2014 when Annabel was 89 years young.  She hopes that her age can be inspiring to other people to see that they can still create beautiful things no matter how old they may be!

I'm truly inspired!  Thank you Annabel for sharing your beautiful Pinwheel Panache quilt and story with us.