"Making it Your Own"

I know you hear and read other fabric and pattern designers say the greatest joy they experience is when a quilter uses their fabric and/or pattern in a different way in which it was created.

I had a front row seat last week to see first hand the interpretation of 7 fellow quilters (some fabric and pattern designers themselves) make some of the designs in Quilted Living their own.

If you were unable to follow along last week, no worries, here's a quick recap:

Erica made "Bursting Star" her own with bright, cheerful, colorful prints and stuffed it with cotton poly batting to give it a more cushiony soft texture (see above).

Helen skipped right over the fabric covered cording and with careful fabric placement turned the center star into an "X".  "X" marks the spot for a great place to plop down and read a good book (see above)!

And here's the original "Bursting Star" pillow.  See how the simple changes in fabric, color and prints changes the look, feel and function?  Are you tempted to give it a try?

Gail chose a more muted palette of colors and prints for "Basketweave" and made the quilt a wee bit smaller than the original so it would work well with her home's décor (see above).

Kathy chose the same design as well, "Basketweave", but you can't tell can you?  That's what I call really making it your own (see above)!!!

The original "Basketweave".  I know, you're finding yourself looking back at Kathy's to make sure its the same design.  It truly is - its Kathy's interpretation of a very simple block rotated this way and that way until its just right for her!

Lisa gave the "Liberty Table Runner" a nice update.  Love the simplicity of the design!  She learned a new way to make stars too (see above)!

Thearica wanted to showcase a favorite print and made the necessary modifications to the "Liberty Table Runner".  I LOVE how both Lisa and Thearica made the Liberty table runner work for them and their homes; that's what it really is all about (see above)!

Yep, that's the original "Liberty Table Runner" right there above . . .  You're looking back at Lisa's and Thearica's version aren't you?  They did a great job didn't they?

Look what Linda did!!  She made "X-ceptional" into a table runner!!  Love the colors, love the idea!  Great job Linda!

The original "X-ceptional" as a quilt!  You know what other quilt design would make a wonderful table runner . . . . .

"Tumble"!  It's easy to already see it (see above)!

Ladies, thank you again for saying yes to our little adventure.  I truly appreciate the time you carved out of your already busy schedules to make this happen; it means a lot to me!

Want to get a jump start on making the projects in Quilted Living?  I have a limited supply ofSummer Cottage prints . . . . .

and a lot of AUTOGRAPHED copies of Quilted Living books!

If you're in the process of making any of the designs in Quilted Living, please send me a picture; I would LOVE to share it with the rest of my fellow quilting friends.