Back to School with a Gentle Reminder

Are you sending a son or daughter off to school or back to school this fall? Tired of reminding him to call you? Here’s an idea: send along a pillowcase made from this fun Text Me/Call Me fabric from The Steel Collection. One side is covered with telephone area codes and the other features text message abbreviations. You’ll be sending your kid a subliminal message while he sleeps. (Well, maybe not, but you can hope he gets the idea—and you’ve already tried everything else!)

Pillowcases are easy and fun to make, and they make great gifts. You don’t need much fabric—a 9”-wide cuff, a 3”-wide accent strip, and a 27”-wide (3/4 yard) main fabric. I designed this yardage with 20” of Text Me print and 20” of Call Me print, with a 1” white space between them, which is just right for a two-sided standard pillowcase.

The fabric features common texting terms on one half and telephone area codes on the other.

If you don’t know how to make a pillowcase, there are lots of free patterns available online. Many of them use the tube pillowcase pattern, sometimes called the Magic Tube. It’s fast and easy and the result is terrific. I used the Shabby Fabrics tutorial, which also teaches you how to make a pillowcase with French seams for a clean finish inside.

Don’t have a student of your own who needs a pillowcase? How about making one or two to donate to a local homeless shelter or foster care program? Kids love to have a special pillowcase to call their own; it’s a small token that can make a big difference. If you donate a pillowcase, be sure to register your donation at American Patchwork and Quilting is challenging quilters and sewers to donate one million pillowcases to local charities. Join the fun!

What’s your favorite pillowcase technique? Tell us in the comments!