Bags That Say "Carry Me".

Don’t you love the way a great bag adds the perfect finishing touch to an outfit? It’s the piece that makes you feel totally put together. Well, we have some bags that just might make people stop you on the street to ask about them. Imagine how fabulous you’ll feel when you say, “I made it myself.”

Last week, we told you our new Steel fabrics are versatile. Today we’re going to show you what fun we had seeing what we could do with them. We found some great handmade bag patterns and started playing with fabrics. The results are nothing short of stunning.

First up, two bags designed and made by Penny Sturges: Mega Bow Tucks and its matching wallet. It’s not easy to find a good fabric wallet pattern; this one nails it. And the bag is roomy enough to carry the wallet and a lot more.

Mega Bow Tucks and Matching Wallet by Quilts Illustrated.

Another source of terrific bag patterns is Swoon Patterns. From a tailored shoulder bag pattern (which is actually a clever convertible clutch) to simple tote bag patterns and duffle bags in several sizes, Swoon gave us lots to choose from. Check out the “Vivian” purse and traveler. Wouldn’t you love to carry those along on your next trip? By the way, my sister, Trisha Seppell, sewed all these Swoon bags for Spring Quilt Market. Thanks, Trish, I owe you one!

1) Swoon Dallas Vintage Duffel;  2) Swoon Dorothy Day Tripper;  3) Swoon Vivian Handbag;  4) Swoon Melody Expandable Tote;  5) Charlotte City Tote

Sewing your own bags is not only fun, it makes you the designer. And with fabrics like these, your bag can be tailored and elegant, casual and fun, or something in between!

What style of bags do you like to sew? Tell us in the comments!